Expert Advice on the Best Wine Fridges and Wine Coolers

Best wine fridge deals can be researched online while reviewing the various websites featuring these unique mechanisms. You will encounter many manufacturers who pride themselves on only constructing the best of the best in this special field. These wine sommeliers are the perfect professionals to consult on the proper storage requirements within such units so that they mimic the features of a wine cellar. In addition, to all the requirements needed within the wine fridge or wine coolers, comes the intriguing part of how to select the correct version and size that would meet your expectations as a wine collector. So, again, a wine fridge expert will be handy when entering the wine fridge outlet. 

Living up to the expectations

Whether or not you prefer red or white wine, you will need a proper storage space that would meet the pivotal aspects of wine bottle collections. Various features are required and cannot be left out, leading to unwanted damage and future costly expenses. According to many wine fridge experts, you must look for stable temperature, humidity, UV protection, ventilation, and vibrations. It is advised that the ambient temperature needs to be between 7  – 18 degrees Celsius. These temperature needs will slightly differ if you prefer storing only red wine or white wine. The humidity level should stay at 70{ecce55db651cdeb2c4e471787991c07df6e852a5bb50050423ab148db2d30baa}, preventing mould formation. Wine fridges and wine coolers need to be equipped with a door that has a bona fide seal that only prevents air fluctuations but also protection from unwanted UV rays. Finally, a correct mechanism should be installed to regulate the vibration given off by this unique wine cooling system. 

Types of wine fridges and wine coolers

Investing your hard-earned money in a single-zone wine fridge is strongly advised if you see yourself as a collector of only the best white wine. This unit will provide only the relevant environmental aspects needed for storing and preserving these wondrous bottles with aromas that can explain as flowery with some fruity notes. This component is also used for protecting and optimising the ageing process of red wine. In addition, if your fondness lies for both types of wine, you might be interested in a dual zone wine fridge or wine cooler. This cooling system encompasses two different temperature zones for other wines by providing a subdivision in the middle. People always take for granted the greatness of these features offered by these units. Imagine drinking a glass of white wine without tasting the perfect astringent ingredients or the beautiful aromas accompanying it. On the other hand, a  glass of red wine will never be seen the same without its bottle not being placed under the right conditions. Any red wine connoisseur would always tell you that red wine needs those cocoa or liquorice flavours to enhance its unique taste. Otherwise, it does not meet your standards. 

Taking care of your wine bottle collection

Different wine bottles need different storage temperatures and positioning. How to place wine bottles would be horizontally and on their sides. Henceforth, this would not be achievable without beautifully installed wine racks. The corks of the wine play a crucial factor in preserving the invaluable liquid within the wine bottle itself. The wine cork dries out when the wine fridge is set to high. Subsequently, this leads to moisture seeping through, which would most definitely destroy the integrity of the wine.  And, in turn, detrimental to the serving temperature required. In conclusion, investing in a wine fridge or cooler is of utmost importance if you want your unique wine bottle collection to age or thrive. Consider your individual needs, such as a dual or single zone.